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Steel Rain 2

(Film - Previsualization)

I was responsible for pre-visualization. I created shots after read the scripts and storyboards.

I created shots not in the storyboards and suggested them to the director, and it was approved.

One of them is the video above.

I created the rain and lightning effects and shared them with co-workers.

I also worked closely with all co-workers to standardize the color palette for the previz video and ensured the placement of objects and backgrounds remained consistent.

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Nightmare Breaker

(Game cinematic)

I was responsible for layout and animation.

I worked on layout tasks that are over half of the total duration of the final video, but forgot to bring them for portfolio purposes.

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(Game cinematic)

I was responsible for layout and character animation. All character animation is hand-keyed.
I worked on more shots than in the video above because I finished my shots earlier and helped co-workers to meet the tight deadline. The video shows only shots that I am fully responsible for.

The video above is layout work.

The size of characters and design of props were changed very often as the client wanted.

I and my co-workers had to fix the camera animation whenever something changed in its size.

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Lineage 2 Revolution - Kamael

(Game cinematic)

I was responsible for layout and character animation. All character animation is hand-keyed.

I worked closely with the director to get the right feeling that the director wanted.

How the one-winged characters fly and pose is the result that emerged through numerous meetings.

Minimum facial expressions and less dynamic motions are intended. We treated each shot as a single painting, and tried to make a strong pose with a smooth transition from A to B.

I created various character loop animations for the crowd scene in the video above.

I was responsible for layout and all animations including the crowd, and main characters.

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Final Fantasy - Brave Exvius

(Game cinematic)

I was responsible for animating of Chocobos, riders, carriage, and plants.

I used ostrich as a reference to make Chocobo's motions believable.

I animated the trees and grass using the lattice deformer in Maya.

My former co-worker figured out how to animate with the lattice tool, and shared.

He and I animated all plants in the movie.

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Super Wings - Season 4

(TV Series)

I was only responsible for character animation.

There were many changes during the work. Some of the characters decided not to appear and were deleted, but that decision was reversed later, and they were re-animated.

Adapting to the kids' show in the animation style was fun and challenging. I matched the animation style to the previous episodes.

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(Game cinematic)

I was only responsible for the main character animation.

The camera work was already confirmed and could not change when I was assigned this shot.
But, The character's movement path was significantly shorter than the number of steps the character should have taken. So I drew over the screen and did a 2D test to solve this problem.

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Animation for the Robot

I worked on a project that made motion data for the robot.
The robot was limited in movement, so I created the motions that the robot could do.

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